21 Interesting Facts You May Not Know About Me

  1. I absolutely hate popping champagne bottles. In fact I probably opt to not have it if I’m alone because that is how much I’m terrified of the noise, the flow, the pop. All of it. It’s pretty pathetic.
  2. I haven’t taken a photo that I liked of myself in at least three years (this isn’t cue the water works moment), I just haven’t. It’s a self-conscious thing – that I’m slowly getting over as I get myself back into shape. This year, is the end of it!
  3. I cannot and will not watch horror movies.
  4. My five-year plan includes purchasing a home at the Oregon Coast and taking a bit of a ‘fixer upper’ approach to it – and then airbnb’ing it when I’m not there. Wish me luck, because it is happening.
  5. Before I got into wedding photography – I knew nothing about flowers, and now I’m flipping obsessed with them.
  6. I’m 100% Polish.
  7. Whenever I order take out at the sushi place by my house, they know who I am because of what I order. #guilty
  8. When I was little I wanted to be an actress when I grew up, that or Ariel from The Little Mermaid, because you know #goals.
  9. My biggest fear in life is losing people who I love.
  10. I’m an INFJ, which is weird because of the career path that I’m in. I love what I do but at the end of the day, I’d rather be alone or with like one of the 10 people I’m really close with. Sometimes I’ll go weeks without seeing people, which can put people off at times – but it’s just a rejuvenating thing for me.
  11. The only person I compete with is who I was yesterday. Competition with anyone else is overrated, and quite frankly a waste of my time.
  12. If I won the lottery, I would take a year off to travel the world.
  13. If I could tell my younger self a piece of advice, I would tell myself to not be afraid to follow my passions.
  14. I’m currently Netflix bingeing on: PLL and Fuller House (yes still). On Podcasts: Strategy Hour.
  15. The top three places on my travel bucket list are: Iceland, Switzerland, and Alaska.
  16. The best gift I’ve ever received was my first DSLR camera
  17. I stay the most inspired when I take some time off. Whether that’s traveling, watching movies, or reading. Immersing yourself in other art forms + nature is when the ideas flow.
  18. The bravest thing I’ve ever done was quitting my job and pursuing photography.
  19. The best cocktail ever is a strawberry margarita
  20. My spirit animal is: a deer.
  21. My favorite part about photography couples is, finding their photo chemistry + seeing/hearing their reaction when they see their images.

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