Some sessions are just dreamy, simply put. You’ve got a killer subject, great wardrobe, amazing accessories, and to top it off a gorgeous location with prime lighting. Truth be told I’m not a huge fan of morning sessions, only because it requires me to get my stuff together earlier than normal, however every time I do have to walk out the door and into the morning light I find myself thankful because I know the session is going to be amazing. Seriously, sunset is fantastic, but I think there is something almost a little more beautiful about sunrise.

Anyhow, CASSIA. This girl CRUSHED it. We headed out into Horse Heaven Hills to capture some Free People and Bad Bad Jewelry shots in the desert terrain. The thing I find equally cool about Cassia, is that not only is she talented, but she’s relaxed and herself. Connecting on that genuine level, I find, is so important in any photography collaboration I walk into, and this girl just slayed it all.

So excited for more shoots like this to come, for now get a glimpse at what we did below!

Dress/Romper: Free People
Jewelry: Bad Bad Jewelry
Model: Cassia



[…] Every time I work with Cassia it truly is such a joy. Not only does she kill it in front of the camera, but she’s so relaxed, easy to talk to, and overall just a completely rad person to be around. Somehow light always manages to find us, even if we’re on the hunt for clouds, as such was the case yesterday. […]

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