White candles were lit and rose petals laid on the floor in the shape of a heart as Chris awaited Danielle to arrive home. Anticipation filled the air inside their home as Chris watched for the door to creek open, for little did Danielle know that when she walked through the front door, her whole world would change as Chris would ask Danielle to be his wife, which is exactly what happened that beautiful March 7th evening.

Fast forward a little over a month and Danielle and Chris met up with me at Lower Lewis Falls – where the day presented us with gorgeous sunshine and the most remarkable forest to document this part of their romantic love story. As we walked from the cliffs of the falls to the forest terrain, it was hard not to notice Chris’s huge grin every time he held Danielle’s hand or escorted her in his arms from various steep locations or the look in Danielle’s eyes every time Chris picked her up.   It’s definitely easy to see how much in love these two are with one another and it was such a privilege to capture this chapter for them.

Danielle + Chris, I very much look forward to your fall wedding, and if our time together was any indication of how your wedding will be – only the greatest times are ahead my friends!  Congratulations again!



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