The reason I love engagement photographs so much is because it’s so endearing to meet a couple for the first time and see just how much they love one another. From the kisses on cheeks, forehands, and hands…to the running and jumping, and holding hands and everything in between – it’s like I’m watching a love scene in a movie play out right before my eyes.

Diana and Anthony’s engagement session was no different, in fact it was a treasure to witness two individuals so deserving of love. I have such a fondness for desert engagements because in the desert, where everything is dried up, the focal point (the couple) is so alive and beautiful, it’s just such a magnificent and stark contrast, that your eyes just gravitate to it.

Diana and Anthony – I’m SO excited for your August wedding, as I know I’ve probably said a million times now, but oh it’s so true! Thank you both for such a wonderful evening and for letting me witness such a gorgeous love story!



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