Every impromptu shoot with Katie winds up becoming my favorite thing. This shoot was no different, except that this time Katie and I put the focus on her new line of jackets.

Yes that’s right my friends, your favorite artist is now expanding her art onto clothing. From jean jackets to leather jackets, to shorts…she’s working around the clock to make YOU some one of a kind custom pieces. I got the chance to ask her a few questions about her newest collection, while snapping some shots of her yesterday. Feel free to check it out below. Head to her shop HERE to purchase your very own one of a kind piece.

What prompted taking your art to clothing?
I got a lot of inspiration from the current embroidery trend going on right now. I kept seeing it everyone, on jeans, shirts, shoes, and just caught myself thinking “I could totally paint something like that” and so it began!

How long does it take you to make a single jacket?
The typical turnaround time for each jacket really varies on a few things. I rely solely on finding gems in thrift stores so that can be quite a process (totally worth it). The next step (if needed) is bleaching and dying, then destroying the denim and then finally onto the design! The whole process can take up to a week if I’m working on a really detailed jacket.
What is currently your favorite piece you’ve made?
My favorite jacket was titled “Dawson” and was actually the first to sell out on my site the day the jackets were launched. I must have good taste. But lately, the leather pieces have been stealing all my attention.

What’s the average price range for these unique pieces?
Price range varies by style, design, and length of time taken to finish each piece! Price ranges right now are anywhere from $50-80.

Do you have any more clothing projects in the works?
YES! So many more pieces are going through the final touches to be released and I am so excited for that.

Where would you like to see this vision go? (AKA whats your dream)
As for my vision, I don’t necessarily have anything specific in mind! Right now this is just a really fun and interesting creative venture and the end results get shipped to women from everywhere to make them feel unique and special as each piece is essentially handcrafted just for them! I think I’m already living the dream.

Katie’s Floral Series Jackets
Spool 72 Romper


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