Ever since I was in high school (as my friends can surely attest) I’ve always been drawn to a boho inspired type of look. Growing up in a desert, I probably should have saw that coming – but I also think the style you adopt says something about you as a person as well. For me the boho style represents a type of freedom, a boldness in knowing who you are. It embraces nature, peace, and adopting an authentic lifestyle.

For a while now, I’ve been craving to adapt more of this style into my work, because it is what fuels me and is what I’m passionate about. Slowly but surely , as my couples are starting to see, this style is starting to become more present in my work, alongside a more intimate and raw spin on love life and nature. In life, follow your heart, follow where God is leading you, show the world how YOU see the world, and how beautiful it can be. I’m so excited to start getting deeper and more authentic in telling my clients stories.

The lovely Katie helped me out again, kick off this new direction without even knowing it. Modeling a Free People piece my friend Melissa and I spotted in LA a few weeks prior, I slowly realized this shift in approach as I started editing this session. While not a big leap in direction, it’s still a leap and I’m excited to integrate more of my passion into my work. Thanks Katie for once again nailing this shoot!

Model: Katie Woodford
Dress: Free People
Jewelry: Fugio Designs



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