I’ve known Marquea and Ryan for what feels like a decade, as they were one of my first couples to ‘take a shot’ with me when I first started pursuing photography. So when the news broke about their engagement I knew in my heart that this was something I had to capture — in a way that was special, romantic, and different from the rest. Much like their proposal (filled with roses, lights, and the perfect couple) their engagement photographs come with a great story!

Truth be told snow doesn’t pop up in the good old Tri-Cities often, so when it does you take advantage. On the first day it hit, we piled in their truck and headed towards the ‘hills.’ As we made the trek up, we could see the snow storm headed towards us, and boy was it one epic view. When we reached the top, we jumped out of the cold to what felt like antarctic temperatures, and literally shot for mayyybbbbee 4-5 minutes at max. The wind at the top was too strong (and let’s face it way too cold) so back down the hill we went. Stopping along some points before fully making our way down was a much smarter plan as the hill side was blocking the freezing gusts, so we danced, and walked, and spun and jumped right back in the truck every 5 minutes to keep ourselves warm only to go out and do it again.

Despite the freezing temps, this was by far one of the most memorable sessions I’ve ever had. Marquea and Ryan thank you both for being up for anything! I had such a great time with you both!

MUA by the talented: Amy Rene MUA


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