Sometimes you plan a session and the wind is over powering, so you reschedule a sunrise shoot – and it winds up being the shoot of your dreams. After coming back from Palm Springs, I’ve got to say – I was a little bummed. When you go from an area that is filled with Joshua Trees and sand stone colored rocks, it’s hard to find beauty in the desolate terrain of sage – upon sage – upon wheat grass – upon sage. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve always loved how Eastern Washington provides a variety of landscapes, but I think after that amazing experience (which I’ll blog sometime this fall) my soul has been craving a bit of the southwest landscape. As an artist, I’m drawn to the variety of areas I haven’t shot before, which is why going to Palm Springs has forced me to get the heck out of my comfort zone and find those areas locally.

For Mazia’s senior sunrise session, we did just that – found a new area to shoot. One of which completely made me feel as though I were still back at Heck Yeah Photo Camp. Not only was the terrain what my soul had been craving – but this senior was everything and more. She completely worked the camera as if it were just another day of modeling professionally. Have a sneak peek below and you’ll see what I mean.

Mazia thank you for such a killer time – and Olivia thank you for putting me in touch with this gem!



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