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Hi friend! My name is Alex Lasota and as I’m sure you’ve gathered from your brief browsing, I’m an international wedding photographer based in the PNW. I could go ahead and tell you about my obsession with california rolls (sans cucumber), or the fact that I have a golden retriever named Bailey (who hops like a rabbit when she runs), or the fact that the Oregon Coast, Harry Potter, and Taylor Swift are staples in my life, but instead I don’t want to talk about me – I want to talk about YOU.

I’m sure you’ve browsed close to fifty websites by now, trying to find your perfect fit; you know the one photographer that makes your heart flutter? The one photographer who you could see YOURSELF in their images. And while I hope I can be that for you, I need you to know how important it is to find someone you feel drawn to and connected with. This is something I’ve told every friend of mine who has gotten married, and is something I’ll tell you, my new friend, as well.

WHY is this important? Because connection is everything. It’s what I live for and it’s why I do what I do. Photography to me is not just photographs, but instead building relationships. It’s hearing about your story and what you like to do on the weekends and incorporating this into your engagement shoot. It’s making you feel 100% comfortable in front of the camera, by various and fun methods (as past clients can attest to). It’s helping you find the best wedding vendors for your day, so there is ZERO to stress about. It’s me giving YOU all my knowledge, because I’ve done this a time or two now and want to make your life EASY AS PIE. It’s making sure, come rain or shine, your photos will be bomb.com and will be something you’ll be proud to share with friends and family, and your future children.

Girl, I got you. This is my mantra, and something you’ll hear often from me. My goal as your wedding photographer is to provide you with a one of a kind experience that you’ll always look back on fondly. So if you feel it, if you’re connecting with everything I’ve said – girl click that contact button and let’s start chatting.

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