In any marketing class, you’ll learn to map out your ideal client. You’ll jot down traits, interests, likes, dislikes – pretty much anything and everything under the sun so you can market and cater your business to this type of person. Michelle and Matt were exactly what I jotted down when I did this exercise last year. Their love is real, genuine, raw, and authentic. Their story is something you genuinely want to witness, just so you can remind yourself that true love does exist. I cannot express how grateful I am that our paths crossed for this special moment in their lives (big thanks to Rochelle of Bliss Events for making the magic happen).  If ever you doubted true love, I urge you to look below and maybe your heart will change.  Michelle and Matt I hope this first year as newly married couple treats you with nothing but pure joy. michelle_matt_wedding426-3michelle_matt_wedding427sdsmichelle_matt_wedding412-2smichelle_matt_wedding431sdsddmichelle_matt_wedding418-2michelle_matt_wedding500michelle_matt_wedding499michelle_matt_wedding454-2michelle_matt_wedding457-2sdssssmichelle_matt_wedding397michelle_matt_wedding393michelle_matt_wedding371-2michelle_matt_wedding379sdsdmichelle_matt_wedding506michelle_matt_wedding510-2


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