Strangely enough I find some of my best work comes out of 20 minute sessions. Truth be told I don’t quite know why that is – maybe its the pressure to produce good work in the time crunch, or maybe I just have the best of the best talent in front of me, making it easy to produce work I’m proud of. It’s definitely the later of the two.

JoAnn and I headed down to Palm Springs a day early before attending Heck Yeah Photo Camp (more posts on this ahead). During our stay we discovered Moorten Botanical Gardens and decided to do an impromptu shoot in literally 115 degree heat at 1pm in the afternoon. Moorten Botanical Gardens has the coolest Cactus hut this side of the Rockies, so we put on some tunes and got to work pretty fast to beat the heat. If you’re in Palm Springs – I HIGHLY recommend checking this place out, but probably in winter when it’s tolerable to be outside.



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