Today we’re chatting about keeping stress at bay

This post is both easy and difficult to write at the same time. Easy because nothing ever goes 100% right on the day of, and hard because I’ve never witnessed something that couldn’t be resolved. So  how do you keep it together when things aren’t going according to the plan?

Stay Calm + Let Go Of Control – I’ve seen wedding bands get misplaced by vendors seconds before a ceremony is about to start.  I’ve seen rain starting to pour minutes before an outdoor ceremony. Pretty much, I’ve seen it all. No matter how hard you plan sometimes, things don’t go the way you planned, and that’s ok.  There are things that happen during a wedding day that you have no control over; some of these things include weather, other peoples actions/emotions, and timing. The key to still having an amazing wedding inspire of the mishaps, is to let it go. Your energy sets the tone for the day. Keep your cool, let go of control, and the day will work itself out, I promise it always does. Your wedding tribe + your vendors have got your back, trust in them – and just enjoy the day.

Hire A Planner Or Designated Coordinator – I wrote a few weeks ago about the importance of hiring a wedding planner, but it bares repeating again. Wedding Planners and coordinators remove the stress, and will do everything in their power to keep any hiccups at bay. These fairy god mothers can see a problem before it occurs, and will do everything in their power to avert a crisis. Raining on your wedding day? They have a back up plan. Groomsmen a little to drunk? They’ll cut him off.  Pretty much they are your fairy god mother, and everyone needs a fairy god mother. Especially on their wedding day.


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