Today we’re chatting about how to make your engagement sessions unique

From smoke bombs to beautiful bouquets, to epic locations in far off places, it seems as though our generation is going for bigger + better and more extravagant when it comes to engagement photographs. While the Insta worthy images are definitely beautiful, I challenge you to make your engagement photographs even MORE unique! How you ask? Hold on tight!

Tell YOUR story. Did you meet at a coffee shop? Is his favorite ice cream mocha chip? Do you guys hike together? Swim? Ride bikes? Are you artists? Did he propose in a garden? 

To me engagement sessions that incorporate some element of YOUR story, I find are the most unique – because it’s documenting the history and the legacy of YOUR love, not Sally and Joes. 

When you look back at your engagement photographs, years down the road – I want these small moments to trigger memories for you, like his favorite ice cream or where you first met. Photographs that withhold a deeper meaning will provide you with such a richer history of your love, rather than copying something off Pinterest. 

I challenge you to get creative, dive deep into your love story, and incorporate some elements of YOUR LOVE into your engagement photos!


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