10 Wedding Reception Exit Ideas To Consider

So many of my own couples have asked me if they should do a wedding reception exit, and my answer is always YES of course! It’s a perfect way to cap off the day with excitement and energy!  But before committing to any type of exit, first consult your venue as sometimes they do have restrictions on what type of reception exit they’ll allow.  To make your life a little easier, I’ve included ten wedding reception exit ideas below, WITH links on where to purchase them in bulk.
Whatever you decide to go with, make sure you bring your A game when running down the isle.  You just got married! Show off that excitement during your exit!  And consult with your photographer as sometimes they might want you to run through twice!
  1. Sparklers: Purchase: HERE | HERE
  2. Confetti: Purchase: HERE | HERE
  3. Bubbles: Purchase: HERE | HERE
  4. Rose Petals: Purchase: HERE
  5. Streamers: Purchase: HERE | HERE
  6. Rice: Purchase: HERE
  7. Paper Airplanes: Purchase: HERE
  8. Glow Sticks: Purchase: HERE | HERE
  9. Lightup Balloons: Purchase: HERE | HERE
  10. Lanterns: Purchase: HERE | HERE

I hope these wedding reception exit ideas helped! If you’re set on doing the classic sparkler exit, here are five tips on how to rock your sparkler exit photos!

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10 Wedding Reception Exit Ideas To Consider


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