Struggle bussing on what you need to do and when you need to do? Grab my 12 month wedding checklist so you can stay ahead of the curve and knock everything off that wedding-to-do with as little stress as possible! You can either print or digitally use this checklist as you power through knocking things off the list & getting it done!

This is a PDF guide. All sales are final. This template is not to be shared with other parties other than the original purchaser. 

Provides 10 professionally written email responses by Alex. Covering topics such as how to say no to; charity events, collaborations, intern requests, trades, free work, social media questions, sharing trade secrets, meetings outside of office hours, and requests outside of of your niche.  

Easy to copy and paste pdf, so you can drag, drop, and fill in the blanks in record time.

Saves you hours of times spent in your inbox while also setting clear business boundaries that you can feel freakin great about.