3 Tips on How To Have A Memorable First Look Photos

First look photos are hands down one of my favorite moments of a wedding day.  Why? Because it’s the only time of the day where the bride and groom truly get a minute alone, and the emotions are running high.  If you’re considering a first look for your wedding, I’ve got three tips on how to make this moment a memorable one.

    1. Drop the Expectations – It’s time to stop repining first looks on Pinterest and showing them to your fiancé.  I’m serious.  Don’t go into the first look expecting some big reaction from your man.  Maybe he’ll cry, and then again maybe he won’t.  It’s best to go into your first look without any expectations, and instead just enjoy this moment.  If tears happen they happen, but if they don’t that doesn’t make the moment any less meaningful. 
    2. Read Your Vows – One way to make this moment even more memorable is to read your vows to one another.  This is a great chance to really express how you feel about one another and say whatever you want to say without a crowd in front of you.  It’s intimate, and it’ll be a memory you’ll never forget.
    3. Take Your Time – Trust me, it’s going to feel so awkward having four cameras pointed at you during your first look photos, but I encourage you to ignore them.  So often couples rush through their first look because they feel awkward with all the cameras on them.  This is the ONE moment you’ll have alone all day, enjoy it and don’t feel like you have to rush it.  Let it be natural + take your time.  And if you hired a crew who is trying to rush this moment, ignore them.

Doing a first look with your fiance, but should you do a first look with your dad?  

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3 Tips on How To Have A Memorable First Look Photos


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