4 Things You Should Do When You Get Your Wedding Photos

Did you just get your wedding photos back? That’s awesome!  Below are 4 things you should do when you get your wedding photos.

  1. Wait For Your Spouse – While I know you want to dive into the gallery right away, my best advice? Wait for your spouse.  It’s important to make this a memory, rather than quickly diving into the gallery yourself.  After all, you both went through this experience together, so it’s only right to get to relive your day together too!
  2. Back Them Up To An External Hard Drive – Your photographer will tell you this a million times, but it bares repeating again…BACK UP YOUR PHOTOS.  Seriously, do it the day you get your wedding photos back so you won’t forget.  Most online galleries do not last forever, so it’s important to get this step done while it’s fresh on your mind.
  3. Get In Touch With Your Photographer – As soon as you and your spouse have went through your wedding photos, get in touch with your photographer.  Let them know how you feel about your wedding photos, so they aren’t left wondering how you feel about them.
  4. Leave A Review – This is major my friends.  Leave your photographer a review the moment you finish going through your photographs.  Why? Because similar to backing up your photos, if you don’t right away, you’ll forget.  Reviews are MAJOR for your photographer, because it truly gives prospective clients a feel for their services and helps them get more business.  It’s a small gesture, but a major one in your photographers eyes.


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4 Things You Should Do When You Get Your Wedding Photos


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