4 Tips For Stress-Free Family Portraits At Your Wedding

Family.  We love them, but sometimes they can truly stress us out.  No matter what your family is like, it is possible to have a stress-free family portrait experience. Don’t believe me? Follow my top 4 tips for stress-free family formals on your wedding day and see for yourself!

  1. Work With Your Photographer Ahead of Time –  Here at Alex Lasota Photography I work with my couples well before the wedding day on their ideal family shot list.  What’s great about having this list is that I have it in hand on the day, so we never miss a beat (or a photo!)
  2. Keep it Limited – While your first instinct is probably ‘let’s get a picture with everyone.’ I highly advise against it.  I never (EVER) tell my couples they can’t have a certain photograph, but I always suggest keeping your combinations between your intermediate families and a handful of extended family. I personally advise against anything over 35-40 combinations, as that is usually the ‘breaking point’ for most couples.
  3. Designate a Wrangler –  I always suggest designating a family photo wrangler on your wedding day.  This wrangler should be someone who knows both sides of the family pretty well, and can make sure they can round up everyone needed quickly.
  4. Give Everyone a Time – Make sure that everyone who is needed for family photographs knows when and where they should gather.  The more organized you are going into this portion of the day, the smoother and quicker it will go.


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4 Tips For Stress-Free Family Portraits At Your Wedding


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