4 Ways To Be More Present On Your Wedding Day

If I could give one piece of wedding advice it would be to be as present as possible the day of your wedding.   Whether you want it to or not, this day goes by so quickly, so make sure you are implanting steps to remain present and soak every moment in.  I’ve included four ways to be present during your wedding day below and hope that you implement them on your special day!
  1. Hand Your Phone Off- You’ve hired a photographer and probably a videographer, so leave it to your paparazzi team to capture your day.  If you really want to get some behind the scenes footage, hand over your phone to a close family friend or bridesmaid. It’s best you stay off any and all handheld devices the day of your wedding in order to focus on what is going on around you.
  2. Keep Alcohol To A Minimum – While alcohol is great to ease the nerves, you want to be sure you are nursing water and keeping the spirits to a minimum.  You’ve spent so much time, effort, and money to make this day come together, that I know you want to remember it!  Enlist a friend to ensure you are keeping your alcohol intake low.  I promise the nerves will pass once you see your fiancé.
  3. Hire Reputable Vendors – The best way to remain present? Hire vendors you can trust to do their job!  When you hire professionals, you take the pressure off of yourself to get things done and/or micromanage what needs to be accomplished.  Seriously, spend your money on that reputable planner, florist, photographer, cake artist, calligrapher and videographer…so you can relax and fully enjoy your day!
  4. Take Time To Yourselves – Work with your planner or day of coordinator to incorporate some alone time for you and your partner.  It’s important to take a few minutes to truly be in the moment and soak in the day you’ve waited so long for!  Whether that’s after your formal photos or prior to your reception, make sure to add in at least 10-15 minutes for yourselves!


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4 Ways To Be More Present On Your Wedding Day


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