5 First Look Wedding Ideas To Use At Your Own Wedding

Blindfold First Look Wedding Photo

First look wedding photos are one of my favorite things to capture, and also one of my favorite things to write about.  On the blog, I’ve written about ways to make your first look wedding photos memorable, and also how first looks can save you money!   Today I wanted to share five different first look wedding photo ideas that you can use at your own wedding.
  1. Tap On The Shoulder – Have your partner face away from you.  Walk up behind him and place your hand on his shoulder, gently tapping them. They’ll turn around voila!  [SEE EXAMPLE]
  2. Hug From Behind – Similar to the tap on the shoulder, have your partner face away from you.  Walk up behind them and give them a hug from behind and whisper something in their ear. Pause for a second, and let them turn around and see you! [SEE EXAMPLE]
  3. Behind The Door – Is there a beautiful door at your wedding venue.  Have your photographer creek the door open with your partner standing on the outer side of the door.  Your photographer will place you where you need to be on the opposite side of the door.  Reach for each others hand, and then peak around the corner to see one another. [SEE EXAMPLE]
  4. Far Away – Have your partner looking away from you as you approach them.  Stop about 5-10 feet away and call out their name. When they turn to see you they’ll see you full frame! Then walk in and embrace.  [SEE EXAMPLE]
  5. Blindfold – Have your partner blindfolded until your positioned to where you want to be.  Either have him take of the blindfold himself or give him a smooch first and then help him take off the blindfold. [SEE EXAMPLE]

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First Look Wedding Photo Ideas

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5 First Look Wedding Ideas To Use At Your Own Wedding


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