5 Things To Know When Planning A Wedding Sparkler Exit



As a wedding photographer, I always love when my couples choose to do a wedding exit, but especially a wedding sparkler exit!  It’s such a fun and romantic way to depart from your wedding, and it also makes for some amazing photos! 

If you’ve decided that you want to do a sparker exit, here are five things you should know.
    1. Buy The Big Sparklers.  Buying the right types of sparklers is crucial for getting those amazing sparkler photos you’ve seen on Pinterest.  Avoid buying the sparklers you’d buy for the Fourth of July and opt for bigger sparklers that are intended for large events.  I highly recommend the 36’ sparklers as their burn time is roughly three minutes, which is perfect for weddings. 
    2. Buy Multiple Multi-Purpose Lighters. Multi-Purpose lighters are the safest types of lighters to use for your wedding sparkler exit because they allow for some distance between your hand and the sparkler.  It’s important to have several lighters ready to hand out to responsible guests so they can be in charge of creating lighting stations.  The more lighters you have, the faster this process goes and the more times you can run down the isle! 
    3. Bring The Energy. The best exit photos are the ones where you can feel the couples energy.  When you are walking through the sparkler tunnel don’t be afraid to make the moment yours.  If you want to do a kiss and dip, do it! If you want to fist bump, do it!  Whether you twirl or dance or do all of the above, don’t forget to own it and have fun! 
    4. Do It Twice. If you’ve listened to my advice and purchased the 36” sparklers, than I would highly advice running through your sparkler exit twice.  This not only gives your photographer a chance to take more photos, but it also allows you to increase the energy and try something different the second time around.  If you plan to run through it twice, just make sure to let your wedding photographer know ahead of time!
    5. Make Sure It’s OK With Your Venue.  Before you spend any money on sparklers or lighters, check with your venue to make sure it’s allowed.  The last thing you want is to spend all that money and not be able to use them. 



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5 Things To Know When Planning A Wedding Sparkler Exit


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