5 Tips For Beautiful Getting Ready Photographs On Your Wedding Day

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January 2, 2022

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One of my favorite parts of a wedding day is the getting ready portion.  I say this because there are so many heartfelt moments that happen during this time frame, which is why I always encourage my brides to ensure their timeline allows for it.  Not only does it tell the story from the very beginning, but it also documents the little details that can often get overlooked.  So how do you make the most of this portion of the day? Well, I’ve provided you 5 tips for beautiful getting ready photographs below. Let’s dive in!


Select A Location That Has Plenty of Natural Light

Many venues will often provide an on-site  ‘getting ready’ location to make things more convenient for you and your bridal party.  While this is great, only commit to the space if it provides plenty of natural light.  Natural light is imperative for those dreamy and romantic images you see (and probably want to emulate) on Pinterest.  If your wedding venue doesn’t offer a space like that, I highly recommend booking an Airbnb or a large suite at a hotel that does. 

Select a Location That Has Ample Space

Whether you have three bridesmaids or ten, it’s always a great idea to select a location with ample space.  Each person in your getting ready party will be bringing various items with them (i.e. bags, change of clothes, phones, drinks, etc.) for this portion of the day.  When all those items are grouped together it makes for a messier space that is not ideal for photographs.  By selecting a location that has several rooms, you are able to designate a specific location for all the ‘excess stuff’ and keep the area your getting ready in clean for photographs. 

Keep The Space Clean & Tidy 

As mentioned in Tip 2, I highly recommend designating the ‘darkest’ location/room in your getting ready space for all your items and leaving the space with most natural light clutter-free.  Having bags in the background and various knick knacks will clutter your photographs, so make sure to tell your bridal party where to put their bags when they arrive.

Put All Your Details In A Box For Your Photographer

Have all your bridal details placed in a box or a certain location in the room before your wedding photographer arrives.  This means you should compile your rings (all three), invitations, perfume, jewelry, shoes, veil, and any other important momentos in a box so that when your photographer enters the room they can quickly get started on documenting the small details of the day.  This not only saves time, but also allows your photographer to get their creative juices flowing for the rest of the events of the day. 

Relax Have Fun & Hire a Professional

The last tip is the most important of them all; relax and have fun!  The day you’ve been dreaming of is finally here and the only role you should have today is being a bride and enjoying every moment.  I highly recommend not only hiring a professional photographer, but also a wedding planner to ensure all details of the day are covered.  Photoshop can’t fix this stress you have on your face if you decide to take in on yourself, so please hire the professionals and enjoy this once in a lifetime experience. 

By adhering to these tips you can be rest assured that your getting ready photographs will come out beautifully.  If you are currently on the quest to find the perfect location, check out my blog post where should you get ready on your wedding day.

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