5 Tips For Including Your Dog At Your Wedding

I LOVE when dogs are apart of my couples wedding days!  Considering having your furry friend there on the special day? Here are a few wedding day dog tips!

  1. Check With Your Venue – The first thing you need to do before planning anything with your pup is to double check with your venue.  While many venues are pet friendly, not all are.  If you know your venue is pet friendly, it is still important to run it by them to ensure there isn’t any extra fees.
  2. Determine Their Role – What role do you want your dog to play in your wedding? Do you want them there for the whole event? Or just for a few photographs? Whatever the case, decide beforehand so you can plan their schedule accordingly.
  3. Be Realistic With Your Pups Behavior – It’s important to remember that while you may have an  obedient dog, a wedding is an overwhelming experience for them.  It’s important to be realistic that their behavior might not be the best.
  4. Designate A Dog Sitter – Put a friend or family member in charge of your pup.  Make sure your dog sitter is well aquatinted with your pup so your dog will be comfortable by their side.  Also ensure that your sitter can drive, so that they can take them back home once their pup duties are over.
  5. Pamper Your Pup – Being a part of a wedding is a lot for a pup! So make sure you take the time to spoil them! Whether it’s a mini puppy cake or some puppy treats, show some love to your number one fan!

Including your dog in your wedding is a memory you’ll never forget! I hope these wedding day dog tips helped make your planning just a little easier!

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5 Tips For Including Your Dog At Your Wedding


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