6 Fun and Easy Ideas For Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts



Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts

Now that you’ve chosen your wedding photographer, hired a reputable planner and locked down a venue, it’s time to ask your bridesmaids to be apart of your special day!  If you’re looking for fun and creative ideas for bridesmaid proposal gifts, check out the few suggestions I have below!

  1. Shop Box Fox – If you want to give a legit gift box, but are struggling with what to put in it, let shopboxfox take the reins.  They offer unique boxes for any and every occasion and even have curated bridesmaid boxes already ready to go!  That being said, if you’d rather select what to put in the box – you can do that too!  As someone who’s used this company many of a time, trust me when I say they are worth every penny!
  2. Sugarfina – Do your gals have a sweet tooth? This is a perfect and cute way to fill that need while also gifting them with a sweet experience.  Sugarfina offers a bridal proposal box set that is as beautiful as it is yummy.
  3. Foxblossom – This company has legit thought of everything when it comes to gifting.  From big gifts to small gifts, your options with this gifting service is endless.
  4. Layered Cake Artistry – If cookies is your jam, get in touch with Layered Cake Artistry and work with them to create some custom “Will You Be My Bridesmaid” cookie boxes.  Their quality is not only top notch, but they are also amazingly delicious as well!
  5. Sincerely Anna Shabak – Want to gift your gals a custom leather or jean jacket? Or maybe some cute mugs or champagne glasses? Get in touch with my gal Anna who does some absolutely AMAZING calligraphy.  You can work with her to bring your vision to life – which makes your gift all the more personal!
  6. Cookie Do (Gold Belly) – They say a way to someones heart is through food – and if your gals love some good old fashion cookie dough, this might just be the ticket.  Cookie Do is extremely unique and you can purchase their cookie tubs in a bundle for your bridal crew!

Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts

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6 Fun and Easy Ideas For Bridesmaid Proposal Gifts


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