I'm so honored you're here. Let me introduce myself.

Hello friend. My name is Alex and you’re likely here because you’re on a quest to find a photographer to document the beginning of your journey into marriage. Let me be the first to wish you my deepest congratulations as you enter this season of engagement. I cannot wait to learn more about your story, but first, let me give you a brief insight into mine. 

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I could give you the spark notes version and tell you my career in photography began when I took my first film class in high school, but if we’re being honest the journey began much earlier than that. As a granddaughter of a photographer based in a little town of Garbatka, Poland, I had an interest in freezing time from an early age. Whether digital or film, cameras were an integral part of my upbringing, as my family placed a high importance on capturing life as it was happening around me. While being a photographer was never apart of my career plan, looking back now it makes a lot of sense I ended up where I did. 

Fast-forward a decade or so, and upon graduating from Washington State University, I purchased my first DSLR (one I still own to this day). Used solely at the time to capture meaningful moments in my own life, I slowly began documenting my peers milestone moments when the opportunity would arise. With every session and celebration  captured, my passion for this craft deepened and I found myself taking every opportunity I could to further my education in photography, all while continuing to capture moments going around me. In late 2014, I made the decision to leave my corporate job as a technical editor at an engineering firm and pursue wedding photography full time.

While my business, technical skills, and intentions have all slowly refined over the years, my love for people and capturing the unscripted moments of their love story remains unchanged. Photographing the intimate moments between two individuals, and the love that surrounds them, is not a job but a gift that continually reminds me of what is most important in life.  I'm so thankful to call this my job, and am so lucky to serve some of the most incredible couples and their families.  

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Both myself and my team of second shooters approach capturing your celebration with a photojournalistic meets editorial/fine art perspective. To execute this, we work alongside your wedding planner to allocate enough time and space for these moments to unfold naturally, in beautifully lit environments. On the day of your wedding, we document everything from the intricate details to the unscripted in-between moments, offering gentle guidance in moments when appropriate. Our clients can expect the perfect balance of elevated posed portraits and candid emotive imagery that feels like an honest representation of their once-in-lifetime event. 

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As both an artist and a business owner, it's honor to have our work featured on the following publications.  We recognize the tremendous amount of talent in this industry and thank these publications for the recognition. 

Being intentional with our calendar and the amount of celebrations we commission each year, in order to give our clients the time & attention their wedding deserves.

Fostering genuine relationships with both our clients, their family and vendors, in order to create a safe space for genuine and honest moments to unfold naturally.

Staying up to date with the latest technology and education in order to provide our clients with beautifully lit and true to color, timeless imagery.   


To provide our clients with an honest representation of the love that exists in their lives, through timeless and emotion-driven images. We execute this by

You deserve to have your life’s most defining moments preserved beautifully.