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and I'm a five foot three, stubborn red-headed full time wedding and elopement photographer based In a small desert meets vineyard town called Tri-Cities, Washington. When I’m not working you'll find me sporting my yoga pants while binge watching Harry Potter or Jurassic Park, listening to Taylor Swift, taking my Golden Retriever Bailey for a walk, or plotting out my next travel adventure. I am obsessed with the Oregon Coast, have an addiction to pine smelling candles, free people sweaters, california rolls without the cucumber AND absolutely adore photographing love stories for a living, it's a dream job and I'm thankful for it every single day.

I feel in love with my camera over ten years ago, and haven't looked back since. photography has been such a blessing in my life, as it has allowed me to form connections and relationships with a multitude of people i may have otherwise never met. it has also allowed me to explore the world and go on the most crazy amazing adventures. i'm so grateful for every client turned friend who entrusts me with their memories, and am excited to add more friends, adventures, and memories to that list. 

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Often found lying around on the job, this golden nugget spends many days on the studio floor of Alex Lasota Photography.

Usually waiting for her lunch break or watching for squirrels outside the office window, she's the only employee who often gets distracted on the job, but that's ok - we love her anyways.  

When she's not in the office you can usually find Bailey on a walk, curled up on the couch watching Homeward Bound, squeaking her lamb chop toy, begging her mother for a bark box, or in the car ready for her next adventure.  

studio office assistant/
EXPERT squirrel watcher

Meet Bailey

And duh, real life friends too! You can always catch my latest work, travels, and juicy life tidbits on the gram. Oh and did someone say sneak peeks? Because our insta-story game is strong in that department!