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Ever wondered what's in my camera bag when I go to weddings or shoots? This is it my friends! Every piece of equipment I own is at the link below! Add it to your shopping cart & get to shooting!

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I use ShopBoxFox for gifting Christmas gifts to other vendors, but it's also a great company to use for client gifts as well! I love how easy it is and the end product is always stunning. Save $10 off your first order by clicking below. 



The client management software that is a literal god-send and saves me so much time on workflow(s). Click the link below to get 20% off your first year subscription. 



I swear by Pic Time. It's clean + simple, plus intergrates intentional apps to help YOU sell more products to your clients via the store.  I've already made $2K in sales in less than 3 months time.  Use Code BTHFLK to receive 1 month free!

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UseSession has made booking mini sessions so simple for both my client and myself, I feel like I hardly have to do anything.  This system is so clean and user-friendly for my clients as well!  

Use Session


Planoly allows you to plan out your feed/posts ahead of schedule so you never have to feel like you need to post on the spot. This way you can get back to living, rather than stressing day to day!



Ever wonder how I'm able to blog a wedding or a session the DAY after it happens? Well the secret is this little tool right here! Narrative makes blogging images SO easy + beautiful! Hit the link below for 15% off your subscription with code alex78. 



I could simply say "get lightroom,' but truth be told, I use so much more than lightroom to operate my business which is why I suggest investing into Adobe Creative Cloud.  I personally utilize photoshop, lightroom, and in-design to operate my business!

Adobe Creative Cloud


Ready to start an email list and grow your following beyond social media? FloDesk is here to help in the most eye-catching way! Use the link below to receive 50% off your first year subscription. 



Create unique, engaging experiences for the mobile and desktop visitors to your professional photography website with Showit's drag-and-drop builder.


Every girls secret to looking like a biz goddess

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The Ultimate Guide to getting your creative mojo back

Has the pandemic left you feeling a bit uninspired? Are you looking to kick that creative rut to the curb and fall back in love with your creative side? Let me help you do just that!

How to stay inspired & get out of a creative rut

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