Weddings can be a beautiful, but also a very stressful time. Maybe you are struggling with a mother-in-law who’s over stepping some boundaries, maybe you have a maid of honor who hasn’t really stepped up to the plate, or maybe you have a vendor who is just not quite getting your vision. No matter what your case, I have your back. These copy and paste templates allow you to handle these types of difficult conversations with grace all while firmly establishing your position. So let me help you navigate the hard stuff so you can get back to doing the fun stuff.  

This is a PDF guide. All sales are final. This template is not to be shared with other parties other than the original purchaser. 

This pdf guide allows you to navigate 9 difficult conversations in a way that is both gentle and yet stands your ground/gets your point across. Conversation Topics include: 

-  How to tell or remind your mom it’s your wedding 
-  How to handle difficult family dynamics
-  how to handle differences with a mother in law 
-  How to tell your maid of honor to step it up 
-  How to tell breakup with a bridesmaid
-  How to tell a vendor that you’re unhappy 
-  How to tell a friend they didn’t make the guest list
-  How to tell a friend you don’t want their service
-  how to tell a friend/family they can't make a toast  

Easy to copy and paste pdf, so you can drag, drop, and fill in the blanks in record time.

your engagement should be a joy-filled time in your life. Not overwhelming and stressful because of outside circumstances.  let these templates do the work for you and let you get back to #thefunstuff while getting what you want and maintaining relationships.