How a First Look Can Save You Money

Today we’re breaking down JUST HOW a first look can save you money.  That’s right, SAVE you money.  Intrigued? Read on my friend.


Less Photography Coverage – I know what you’re thinking – how can opting for a first look save you time on photography coverage, when you’ll need to take the same amount of photographs anyhow?  Simply put, all your formal photographs are done AHEAD of the ceremony when there are less guests in attendance + less distractions.  Couples who do their formal photographs AFTER the ceremony usually get sidetracked as guests are vying for their attention and family and friends are more difficult to rangle because they are scattered throughout the property.  While it doesn’t seem like much time, these distractions + delays can sometimes cost you 30-45 minutes of wait time before the actual photography starts (no matter how organized or prepared you are).

Skipping Out on Cocktail Hour – A lot of times people opt to host a cocktail hour at the beginning of the reception because they are off taking pictures.  It’s not only a polite gesture, but it also gives your guest something to do while you are away.  When you opt for a first look, all the formal photos are done so you can go straight into dinner and skip the cocktail hour (and it’s expenses) all together!

Less DJ Coverage – Hired a DJ? Cool, you should because they are awesome.  By doing a first look, you roughly shave off an hour of coverage on the DJ front, because your reception time will be shorter without a cocktail hour. 

Bonus – Lots of couples who DO opt for a first look still take 15 minutes or so to do some post wedding ceremony  photographs, which are often referred to as sunset photos.  Depending on the time of year you are getting married your photographer will usually take you away post dinner + pre activities for a few additional shots.  By doing a first look you not only get the couple photographs PRIOR to your ceremony, but also after.  For those who opt NOT to do a first look, your couple photographs are usually taken after family formals + usually at that point clients are mentally done with taking photos and are not interested in being pulled away again after dinner.

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