How Long Should You Really Be Waiting To Get Your Wedding Photos Back?

To be honest there is no definitive answer to this question as average turn around times differ from photographer to photographer.  Professional photographers typically have their average delivery time written in their contract; so if you are unsure of what yours is, refer to your contract.  If you’ve checked and don’t see it, ask your photographer to make an amendment and include it.


On average, most wait times fall anywhere between 2-10 weeks (with most in the 5-6 week range).  It’s important to remember that editing a full wedding gallery takes an extensive amount of time in order to color grade, align and correct skin tones for each and every image.  It’s also important to keep in mind that during peak wedding season, your photographer is servicing many clients at once, which is why your average wait time is typically on the higher end of the range.


So why is the delivery time different from photographer to photographer? Simply because each photographer operates their studio differently.  Some wedding photographers are destination based, and have to account for traveling in between editing.  Other photographers prefer very light and minimal editing so they are able to return photographs faster.  Some photographers outsource their editing so they can get it back to you quickly, while others like to maintain more control and spend extensive time editing (and sometimes even airbrushing). In the end, it doesn’t really matter how your photographer selects to run their studio, so long as you love their editing style and are OK with the wait time provided when signing the contract.


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How Long Should You Really Be Waiting To Get Your Wedding Photos Back?


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