How To Achieve Stunning Getting Ready Photographs On Your Wedding Day

Contrary to popular belief, achieving stunning getting-ready photographs isn’t something that just ‘happens.’  Rather it takes careful pre-planning to ensure you are positioning yourself in ideal environments that allow for moments to unfold naturally. If having stunning getting-ready portraits is important to you there are several logistics we feel you should consider. In this blog post, we break down what those elements are and why they play an essential role in this process. 

Select An Environment That Offers Plenty of Natural Light

If you take anything away from this post, let this be it.  Natural light is imperative for timeless getting-ready photographs.  This means you need to select an environment that has plenty of windows and doors where natural light can easily fill the room.  Many wedding venues often offer couples a bridal suite so that they can remain onsite, but we encourage our couples to only commit to this suite if it fits this essential requirement.  

Ensure Your Location Has Ample Space

Regardless of how large your bridal party is, having ample space in your getting-ready location plays an essential role in keeping the energy calm and the photographs clean and timeless.  If you think about it, each person that will be getting ready with you will be bringing various items with them for this portion of the day.  Together all those items will create a lot of clutter that will affect your energy, causing unwarranted stress as your photographer and bridal party work to ‘tidy up.’  To combat this, designate a room (usually the one with the worst lighting) to be the designated area for all bags, dresses, etc.  This way you’ll feel calm and relaxed knowing the space around you is clean and tidy and ready for photographs. 

Be Selective Of Whose Getting Ready With You

As mentioned in Tip 2, I highly recommend designating the ‘darkest’ location/room in your getting ready space for all your items and leaving the space with most natural light clutter-free.  Having bags in the background and various knick knacks will clutter your photographs, so make sure to tell your bridal party where to put their bags when they arrive.

Have a Designated Area For Your Bridal Details

When your photography team arrives they will being their coverage by photographing your bridal details.  This includes items such as your invitation suite, wedding rings, perfume, jewelry, wedding shoes, etc.  The last thing you want to do is interrupt hair and makeup to search for these items, so place them in a designated area that is easily accessible for your photographer when they arrive.  

Hire a Professional

The truth of the matter is you can follow all of the steps above but if you don’t hire a professional photographer, all this pre-planning will have been for nothing.  Do yourself a favor and hire a professional who has a clear understanding of lighting and posing, and whose style you simply adore.  This will make all the difference in your overall experience, as they will help guide you through the entire process with ease.  


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