How To Choose Your Wedding Day Getting Ready Location

The one thing I love about modern weddings is that there are SO many more options for getting ready spaces.  Whether you’re considering an Airbnb or a hotel, be sure to look for these four items below.
  1. Natural Light – One of the BIGGEST things I tell all Alex Lasota Brides is to consider a getting ready space that has ample natural light.  This is SO important.  So much so, that I’ve literally moved brides OUTSIDE to put their dress on in order to make sure their pictures were everything they’ve been dreaming about.  If your venue comes with a getting ready space that does not offer natural light inside the room, opt to rent an airbnb, go to a friends house, or even a hotel.  Natural light is SO important for these memories that only happen once. If you’re getting married + are MY bride + need tips on a getting ready space, send me an email, I’ve got you covered.
  2. Ample Space – Whether you have three people in your bridal party or eight, I highly recommend selecting a getting ready space that has a lot of space.  Why? Because you and your bridal crew will accumulate a lot of stuff.  From getting ready bags, to emergency kits, champagne flutes and more…it’s best to have a space where you can put all the excess ‘stuff’ in a corner to make sure the room looks clean for photos.    
  3. Bright Interior – Ideally, I’ve found that the spaces that photograph best are those that have a bright and minimal interior space.  You see you want the focal point to be on you, and if there is busy wallpaper + dark colors around the room that’ll take the focal point off of you and will distract the eye to whats around you.
  4. Proximity to Venue  Last but not least, you want to be sure that your getting ready space is not TOO far from the venue.


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