How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer in 4 Steps



Chances are you’re newly engaged and I’m sure you’re wondering how to choose a wedding photographer that is perfect for you.  Well good news, I’m here to help! Below are four steps you should take in order to go from endless browsing to locking in your dream photographer.  

  1. Know What Style Photography You Like: What style are you drawn to?  There are SO many different types of photography styles out there.  Do you like photos that have darker tones or photos that are lighter and more colorful? What do you find yourself most drawn to?  Knowing what style you like not only narrows down the pool of options but it also guarantees you’ll be happy with your photographs.  
  2. Request To See A Full Real Wedding Gallery:  Almost all photographers will showcase their best work on the internet.  It’s important you look past what you see on Instagram and request a full real wedding gallery.  By doing so you are able to get a more accurate representation of what exactly you’ll be receiving. 
  3. Get To Know Their Personality:  It’s important to browse through a photographer’s website and socials so you can get a feel for who they are as a person.  Acquaint yourself with the content they’ve put out and familiarize yourself with who they are.  If you feel a connection, then it’s time to book a consultation.  You’ll be working a lot with this person, so it’s vital that you really connect with their personality.
  4. Read Their Reviews: Last but not least, read reviews.  Reviews will give you a general idea of how others felt about their experience and will let you know what you can expect. 


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How to Choose Your Wedding Photographer in 4 Steps


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