How To Have A Virtual Dress Party With Your Bridal Party



Way before Coronavirus ever became, well what it is, I posted a blog all about online bridesmaid dress shopping.  You can find that blog post HERE.

This blog post provides you with a list of ten different online retailers that you can order from right now.  Want to make this experience a party with your bride tribe? Here’s how to do just that:

  1. Browse the bridesmaid dress blog post + pick out the shop you love the most.  Send your girls the link to the dresses you are considering & ask for input.  If you settle on a type of color, style, etc. let them know + let the ordering begin!
  2. Plan a day in the next week or two to hop on a Zoom Call with your gals.  They’ll need their ordered dress, their favorite alcohol beverage, and a solid Wifi connection to get this party started!
  3. Have your gals try on their dresses one by one (or all at once, you’re the boss here) so you can get a feel for how it’ll look.
  4. Afterwards, cheers with one another, catch up (make sure to ask your bride tribe how THEY are doing) and reconnect with the ones you love most!
  5. Cross another item of your wedding day to do!  Bridesmaid Dresses, check!

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How To Have A Virtual Dress Party With Your Bridal Party


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