How To Keep Calm While Planning A Wedding During COVID-19




Hey Bride-To-Be,

I know things seem foggy right now, and you’re unsure of what to do.  Maybe your wedding falls in April + May and you’ve had to postpone to a later date.  Maybe your wedding is in June, July, August or September and you’re unsure of what the next step is, if you should postpone, and most importantly how + when?  Today I want to leave you with a few tips on things you can do to minimize the stress during this chaotic time period – while also still enjoying this time leading up to your special day.

  1. Read my last post on What To Do If Your Wedding Is Affected by Covid-19 so you know exactly what to say, how to say it and when.
  2. If you have to postpone, work with your vendors to find an alternative date.  Be flexible. Be open to Fridays + Sundays later in the year, off season or even 2021.
  3. Allow yourself a day to be frustrated.  If you need to cry, do it. If you need to scream, do it.  Let out your frustrations because you, my friend, have every right to be frustrated by this situation.
  4. After giving yourself a day, flip your mindset.  As humans, we get to decide how we react to situation.  So ask yourself, how are you going to react to this?  Are you going to handle this with grace + optimism? Or are you going to let fear + negativity guide the way.  As your friend, I ask that you choose the former.  Be proactive, work with your wedding vendors.  Know that this is out of your control, but you are going to proceed with grace and love in your heart.   Remind yourself with daily Pinterest positive quotes.  Mindset is everything, so make sure you are nurturing a positive one + eliminate the negative.
  5. Have a date night with your fiancé.  Cook a Pizza or order local via Uber Eats, GrubHub, or Doordash.  Turn off the news, forget wedding planning and just relax and enjoy one another.  While it’s important to stay updated + try your best to plan ahead, it’s also necessary to reclaim your peace and put each other first.  This is a wonderful opportunity to overcome a difficult situation with your fiance, that in the end will strengthen your relationship.
  6. Grab a glass of wine or make yourself a quarantini, download ZOOM and have an afternoon catching up with your bridal tribe (And encourage your fiancé to do the same with their friends).  Lean on your friends for support while also having some fun from a distance.
  7. Put this all in God’s hands.  No matter what happens, you’re still going to get married to the love of your life. You’ll still get to celebrate with those you love most.  It just might look a little different than you originally planned, but you know what my friend, that’s ok. Have faith that your day will come & it will be wonderful!


I’m over here sending you love during this time and letting you know I’m always in your corner if you need help or just simply need to chat!

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How To Keep Calm While Planning A Wedding During COVID-19


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