Tips On How To Embrace and Prepare For Rain On Your Wedding Day

Nobody actively wishes for rain on their wedding day.  However, it’s something all couples should actively prepare for, on the off-chance it does happen.  Below are 4 tips on how to prepare and embrace rain on your wedding day.

  1. Consider The Time Of Year – If there is a certain time of a year that is notorious for rain in your area, consider not getting married at that time.  If your area is known for April showers, and you still want to get married in April, then work with your venue to ensure your ceremony and reception will not be effected by it (i.e. have an indoor wedding or rent a tent).
  2. Check With Your VenueWhen booking your venue, ask them what their protocol is for rain.  Make sure you understand what is the venues responsibility and what is yours. Also make sure this is in your contract.
  3. Have A Plan B – If your venue has an indoor location, talk with them about having that space be your “plan b.”  If they do not, work with your planner to see if there is any way you can put a tent on a tentative hold.
  4. Flip Your Frown – It’s important to remember that your attitude sets the tone for how the day goes.  So if you’re upset, angry, etc. your energy will spread to those around you.  My best tip? If you’ve taken precaution as mentioned above AND hired professionals, trust your vendors to do their job.  Your team will take care of you!


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Tips On How To Embrace and Prepare For Rain On Your Wedding Day


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