Madilyn + Jason, Desert Engagement

I could literally talk about authentic connections all day long, because it’s what I’m continually around during my sessions. And by gosh, I’m so dang thankful for that.

When marriages are continually ending in divorced, people aren’t even dating anymore, or have given up hope – my clients, my friends – show me otherwise. While our culture pumps the message, don’t fix whats broken – my clients, my friends – show me otherwise. They prove to me time and time again that my personal jaded view of romance is false.
They show me that despite differences of opinions, busy schedules, growth and change, two people can make it work. They show me the exact opposite of what I read in the media, and for that reason alone, I’m so thankful.

Time and time again, my personal reminder for what love looks like is right in front of me, each and every time I head out to the fields, or mountains, or the ocean. It’s a privilege and an honor to be let in on their personal stories, and it’s one I don’t take lightly.

Madilyn + Jason – thank you so much for a dream like afternoon, of running around in the desert, seeing deer bones, talking about Spain and ice cream, and overall letting me see a brief insight to what true and authentic love looks like. You guys rock and I’m so excited to see your future continue to blossom!








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