and  i'm a full time wedding and elopement photographer Based in the PNW

In a small desert meets vineyard town called Tri-Cities, Washington. When I’m not working you'll find me sporting my yoga pants while binge watching Harry Potter or The Bachelor, taking my Golden Retriever Bailey for a walk, or plotting out my next travel adventure. I am obsessed with the Oregon Coast, have an addiction to burning pine smelling candles, and absolutely adore photographing love stories for a living, it's a dream job and I'm thankful for it every single day

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I bought my very first camera when I was a junior in high school 

And rather than take it to parties on Friday nights, I’d head out to the open fields with my friends, and photograph them till the sun went down. Looking back on those nights spent laughing and editing to Friends and Chinese take out, I’m reminded of those carefree and simple memories to which I hold onto dearly, for it was merely the beginning of a life long love affair of freezing time and preserving the good. Fast forward ten years, and I'm still freezing moments, except this time those moments are love stories happening all around the world. 

and a little more...

in the end...we'll all become stories..

so let's document your love story exactly as it; raw, REAL, and INcredibly romantic 

These days, this hopeless romantic doesn't just want to hear your love story, she wants to feel it too.  Being able to capture those small and soft moments, when you're listing the reasons why you love one another, to those loud and wild moments, when you are dancing in the rain without a care in the world, are what makes my heart skip a beat.  I've learned in life that moments are fleeting, and it is my mission to provide you with imagery that transports you back not just to that moment, but how you felt when it was captured. 

Let's go back 


California Rolls, make that one or even two! It may be basic, but it's sure delicious! 


Sans cucumber in my California Roll Please! No cucumber for me thank you!


Particularly cozy wool sweaters from Free People, in every color. 

tank tops

I like being warm, but I'd rather be warm in my sweater...if you feel me. 


The Old Taylor......and the New Taylor

Kanye West

HAHAHA.....I can't even 
say it with a straight face.


From Alaskan glaciers to the Islands of Santorini, travel is in my blood and I'm always on the go!

Stayin put

Being on the go and exploring new places helps keep me creative and inspired. Stayin put? Not so much!

sweat pants

Yoga pants are trending, but I prefer sweat pants anyday.  VS PINK all the way baby.


Gah, I used to love jeans, but ever since I started working for myself, not anymore. 

chai latte

Specifically from The Local, because they are all that is good in the world. 


Okay, I don't mind coffee, but I'm not a regular advocate of it.