This session will be 1 1/2 hours over Skype or Face-time. This mentorship will be primarily based on a Q&A session, where you'll be able to ask me about anything you want to know. Marketing, business, shooting, editing, equipment it's all on the table! I ask that you prepare a list of questions for this session prior to our meeting so we are well prepared and ready to go. These sessions max out at 1 1/2 hours and are offered Tuesday-Thursday only.

Client Interactions
Plus much more!

Social Media
Posing & Styling

This session will be 5 hours in person and you will need to bring your camera. This mentorship will start off with 1-2 hours of Q&A over coffee (or if you're like me a Chai) where you are free to ask me about anything. Business, social media marketing, websites, etc. it's all on the table. From there we'll photograph a real-life couple, where I'll lead the shoot and show you how I interact, pose, and position my couples. Bring your camera my friend, because you'll also be shooting for your portfolio as well, as I help guide you and give you feedback during the process. We'll then round out the day with either more coffee (or a quick bite to eat) and go ever the post processing workflow (culling, editing, social media marketing, and delivery) so you can get the full experience. In Person Mentorships are available Tuesday-Thursday only, and will take place in Tri-Cities, WA or wherever my travel schedule permits. These session are perfect for the photographer who is wanting to enhance their workflow & shooting style.