My 5 Go-To Poses I Use At Every Couple Session

If you’ve ever wondered how I am able to get genuine emotion from my clients during my sessions than this blog post is for you!  Below I’m sharing the top five poses that I do at EVERY couple session I photograph.  If you’re truly looking to get some laughs and movement out of your clients and are sick of saying “hold her” or “put your foreheads together” then swipe these poses below!

  1. The “Bump Hips” Walk AKA Drunk Walk – I normally start off my sessions with this pose, so I can ease my couple into the poses to come.  This pose is not only simple but gives them some space from me as I don’t want to start our time together up in the business.  For this pose I have the couple walk a couple hundred feet away from me and then tell them to hold hands and walk towards me looking at one another.  I explain to them to not simply walk together but to pretend they are a little tipsy and purposefully stumble and bump their hips together and then pull apart while walking towards me.  I normally have them do this two to three times.
  2. Piggy Back Ride But Chuck Her Off  Not every couple is comfortable with a piggy back ride, so I ask them prior to setting up the pose if they are game for a piggy back ride.  If they happen to say no, I don’t take it personal and move on to the next pose.  However, most couples are more than ok with.  For this pose I instruct my client to bend down to let the other get on their back.  I tell them to first lean to the side and flood their cheek with kisses, looking at each other not me.  From there I tell them to pretend to chuck the other off their back by moving vigorously from side to side. 
  3. Sexy Breakfast Voice  If you’re looking for a photo with a genuine laugh this one usually does the trick.  I keep a bit of a distance from my couple and have them either standing (one person in front of the other snuggled up) or (sitting one person between the legs of the other).  I tell the person sitting behind to whisper what they had for breakfast quietly, but in their sexy voice into the others ear.  I amp it up my telling them to really give it their all because we want the other laughing.  This almost always guarantees a chuckle or two.
  4. Netflix and Chill  For this pose I have the couple sit side by side and tell them to snuggle up with one another.  I tell them to pretend they are on the couch together watching their favorite Netflix show.  There is no right or wrong way to do this pose as the couple often has their own way of snuggling up to one another.
  5. The Swing Dance – This is a great pose for getting some motion.  I have my couples hold hands and stand a part a bit.  I have them push in and out from one another almost like a swing dance.  I start off by telling them to go slow and then have them progressively speed up, and in the end tell them to make it their own.  If the want to spin another, roll into one another…they can do it just have fun with it.

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My 5 Go-To Poses I Use At Every Couple Session


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