Why Wedding Photography Suffers Without A Planner

This title might seem shocking but it’s oh so very true. There are so many benefits of hiring a wedding planner for your day, so today we’re diving into why weddings without a planner can sometimes cause your photos to suffer. 

  1. Stress. Having a planner allows you to focus on enjoying your day. You’re not worrying about where to be or when, because your planner does that. You’re not worrying if your decor is set up right, because your planner does that. You’re not fielding questions from family and friends about this or that, because your planner does that. See where I’m going? A planner takes care of the day, while your job is to enjoy it. If you put too much stress on yourself the day of, it will show on your face. And while Photoshop can do a lot of things, it can’t flip a frown upside-down. True story.
  2. Double Duty. The one thing that tends to happen when couples don’t have a wedding planner is that the photographer winds up taking the lead. When this happens, time and attention to detail in the photography suffers. Why? Because trying to execute two job at once, will ALWAYS cause something to fall short.  If your photographer is trying to rally the family together or cue the DJ on when to start the ceremony music, it’s going to take their time away from the camera.  To be honest,  some of the weddings I’m most proud of are those when a planner or day of coordinator is present, and I’m free to simply do my job at photographing your wedding. Please note that I’m not saying that if you don’t hire a planner your photos will be awful.  I’m simply saying that if you place two tasks on your photographer, one if not both will suffer, as they are taking time and energy away from doing their hired task.
  3. Experience + Details Planners can bring to life the vision you’ve been dreaming of because they have the experience. They’ve probably went to workshops and classes, they’ve probably done multiple weddings already, they probably know people + been around the block once or twice. They’ll see your Pinterest vision + do everything in their power to take your vision and make it EVEN BETTER. They are like the fairy godmother of your wedding. Chances are, you’re probably not a planner + you’ve probably never organized an event before. It’s not an easy task, so hire out my friend + save yourself some time and stress. And let the pro bring your vision to life.


If a planner just can’t work in your budget, it’s always an option to look into a day of coordinator or hire on a family friend, not someone in your bridal party, so they can take the wheel.


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Why Wedding Photography Suffers Without A Planner


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