Should You Have a First Look With Your Dad?

In my opinion, the answer to this question is yes. Below are the three reasons that I think you should make this a priority on your timeline.
  1. Let The Tears Flow Before The Ceremony – Seeing your dad on your wedding day is often an emotional experience, as this is the day he is giving you away to the man of your dreams.  Because of this reason alone, I think it’s important to set aside some time for a first look with your dad.  If emotions are high and tears are going to flow, it’s better that a makeup tefu (like a bit of running mascara) happens early on in the day (when your make up artist might still be around), rather than right before you’ll be walking down the isle or right when formal photos are about to start.
  2. It’ll Be A Special Moment For Your Dad – The majority of wedding planning is often done alongside your fiancé or your mom.  Often times dads are not really involved in the planning process, but do have a few special moments throughout the day (like walking you down the isle and your father daughter dance).  However, both of these moments happen with an audience, so there are not many opportunities for you to have a moment alone with him.  By doing a first look, you craft a special moment in the day just for him, where you can laugh, cry, give him a hug, and let him see you before anyone else.
  3. A Memory That Will Last Forever – Father Daughter first looks are moments that will be photographed by your photographer.  If you’ve ever struggled with giving your dad a meaningful gift on his birthday or fathers day, having these photographs in your back pocket will be the gift that keeps on giving.  It will also be a beautiful memory for you to have in your album that you can relive as the years continue to go by.

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Should You Have a First Look With Your Dad?


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