Six Wedding Planning Tips For The Introverted Bride

If being the center of attention makes you want to hide in a corner, and you often refer to yourself as an introvert, than planning your wedding may be giving you some mild anxiety.  Well, I’ve got good news for you, my introverted bride!  There is no rule book for how to put on a wedding.  This is your day, and you can do as you please.  Below are six wedding planning tips for all introverted brides on how to make this experience more enjoyable!

  1. Host an Intimate Wedding.  If the thought of mingling with guests overwhelms you, consider having less guests.  Not only will this relieve stress, it will also allow you to have more meaningful conversations with those you invite.
  2. Pad Your Timeline.   It’s important to remember that you have the ultimate say in how your wedding day flows.  If the thought of being around people the entire time is stressing you out, pad your timeline to accommodate some down-time in between activities.  
  3. Have A First Look. Rather than see your fiancé in front of a crowd, opt for a first look so you can share this moment privately.  This way you can express your emotions freely, without the added pressure of people watching.
  4. Traditions Got You Anxious? Toss them out!   This is your wedding and you can do what you want to!  Toss out any tradition that leaves you feeling anxious.
  5. Hire A Wedding Planner.  In order to avoid everyone asking you questions throughout the day, hire a wedding planner and let family and friends know they are the point of contact.   
  6. Consider Having Games + Activities.  Keep people occupied by having a dance floor, lawn games and a photo booth.  The more activities you offer your guests, the more space you’ll have throughout the evening.


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Six Wedding Planning Tips For The Introverted Bride


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