The Benefits of Adding A Second Shooter To Your Photography Coverage

I’ll be honest, I absolutely LOVE photographing weddings alongside my second shooter, and love when my clients choose to add that on to their collection! Today I wanted to break down the benefits of why you should consider adding one on to your photography coverage. 

  1. Different Perspectives – The beautiful thing about second shooters is that they offer different perspectives. During the formal portion of the day it’s my responsibility to capture the moment as its unfolding, while my second shooter is often lurking to the side capturing the in-between moments that may have otherwise been overlooked.  During the ceremony and reception, we are both able to stand in different areas to capture different reactions to big and small moments.  The beautiful thing about having a second photographer is the fact that they are able to capture the same moment, in an entirely different way.
  2. Different Locations – Another pro of adding a second shooter to your collection is that your photo team can be in two places at once. So when you are getting ready in the bridal prep room I’ll be right there with you, while my second will be with the groom. There is no interruptions or having to bounce back and forth, which is so nice.  The same could be said for formal bridal photos, or reception details.  Having two photographers means your photographers can capture two things at one time, saving you time on your timeline.
  3. Extra Assistance – Overall what I absolutely love about have a second shooter is assistance and flexibility it provides me with during a wedding.  My second is someone who always assists me and helps keep me straight so I can focus fully on serving clients well.

*Please Note – It is your wedding photographers responsibility to hire the second shooter, not yours. 

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The Benefits of Adding A Second Shooter To Your Photography Coverage


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