The Best Way To Inquire With Wedding Vendors

If you are newly engaged and are starting the process of booking your vendors, let me let you in on a secret…the best way to kick off that relationship? Filling out their contact form.


You see filling out a vendor contact form is kind of like matching on a dating profile.  You don’t decide to go on a date with someone based off their photo alone (unless you’re on tinder). Instead you decide to move forward based off the information they’ve put on their profile.  Are they looking for a serious relationship, do they want kids, what are their religious beliefs, do they travel, etc. these are all questions you’d want to know prior to diving in, or else it’s just a waste of your time.  The same thing goes for a wedding vendor.  You don’t just look at their instagram and say, sold.  No, you want to do some research into who they are, what their experience is like, and what their price point starts at.  By doing a bit of research and filling out a vendors contact form, you’ve shown the vendor that you like more than just their portfolio, are ok with the price point and are serious about learning more and potentially taking things to the next level.


When you opt to message/connect through social media, you may be contacting vendors who are way out of your budget, or who’s experience is not quite what you are looking for, all in all waisting time having a conversation with someone that was never a potential in the first place.  So do yourself a favor and spend a bit of extra time diving into vendor websites and filling out their contact form.  I promise, in the long run it will save you time!


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The Best Way To Inquire With Wedding Vendors


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