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If you’re reading this page then chances are you signed up for my newsletter and I just wanted to take a second and THANK YOU. I’ll be completely honest, I had fought the idea of having an email list for SO LONG, despite many business leaders telling me it was a MUST. Why? Because I HATE SPAM with a passion and figured, you my friend, do too. But I’m here to tell you that this newsletter is the exact OPPOSITE of spam.  

This email newsletter exists ONLY to serve you.  Serve you through content.  Serve you through resources.  Serve you through community.  My heat behind starting this, is to genuinely make this short period of time before your wedding less stressful and more enjoyable. Rather than feel overwhelmed, I want you to feel confident. Rather than stressed, I want you to kick back and relax. Rather than alone, I want you to have community.  You see no matter how long your engagement is, this time goes by let me help you SOAK IT IN & ENJOY IT. You deserve to have THE wedding experience of your dreams, so let me help you do just that!

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I don't want to spam you, which is why I'll only be showing up in your inbox ONCE a week for 24 weeks.  Each email will go over one general topic and provide you with three articles relevant to the topic!  From bridal party tips to family dresses & more we go over everything!

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Why plan a wedding alone, when you can have a community of other like-minded women around? We started a Facebook Group specifically so YOU can connect, consult, and build relationships with other brides-to-be to bring the JOY back into this experience.   


While Alex Lasota is primarily a wedding photographer, we want this newsletter to incorporate SO MUCH MORE than just wedding photo tips and tricks. So we're tackling everything (in segments that is) from bridesmaid tips to mom tips to reception do's and don'ts to playlists and a whole lot MORE!

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Each and every email provides an exclusive PDF or checklist that is only available to email newsletter subscribers.  This content cannot be found ANYWHERE on the internet, blog, pinterest...etc.  and will remain exclusive to our email subscribers only.  

Feeling Overwhelmed? like you need a community of like-minded women walking this same journey?  Join my facebook group and connect with other brides-to-be today! You don't have to do this alone!

The virtual equivalent of happy hour with other supportive & uplifting brides-to-be where you can share resources, swap ideas, and overall find support & community as you plan #thebestdayever.

Guest appearances from other wedding vendor will drop in throughout the year to provide helpful content to our community. 

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We love all things FREE, but we reserve our best content for our brides.  If you want access to our vendor list, a custom timeline tailored to your wants and wishes, a 72+ page magazine that'll walk you through how to get the most BOMB.COM photos & have a 10/10 more surprises along the's time we had a chat...