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The New Direction For Alex Lasota Photography | 2021 + Beyond


December 21, 2020


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Before I start this blogpost, I want to preface this by saying, no I’m not quitting wedding photography, and no I’m not leaving photography in general, however I decided to write this blog post because I wanted to be very transparent in where I plan to take my business in the next few years, so you know what to expect…and also where I’m headed.

Obviously as we all saw, 2020 hit the event industry pretty dang hard.  Like many fellow vendors this year was actually supposed to be a huge year for my business (both travel + growth + wedding wise) and while it was still successful in many ways, it also gave me a lot of down time to really think about my life, the future, etc.  During this time, I realized two things.  One was that the lifestyle of a full-time wedding photographer shooting 22-25 weddings a year was no longer sustainable for where I’m currently at in my life, and two, was that I had a growing passion for another business venture that I know I need to explore.  Behind the scenes, I’ve been praying about this throughout the year and truly feel now is the right time to move forward with those dreams and make a mini pivot, but before I tell you what that is, I want to explain something first.

You see being a wedding photographer is honestly, wonderful. You get to be with people and celebrate one of the happiest days of their lives.  The energy and excitement both during and leading up to the event, is contagious and has kept me in love with this craft.  I love that this job is always different, and never the same but there is still a certain pattern to it.  I love capturing a moment and getting so giddy behind the camera because I know this moment will hang on walls or live in books forever, and actually MEAN something to someone.  I love seeing a moment ‘come to life’ through a bit of editing and seeing my clients reactions when they receive their galleries and relive their day from my perspective.  It truly is one of the best jobs in life to have, but it’s also one of the hardest as well.  While wonderful in so many ways, it also takes so much emotional/physical energy out of you (especially in a year like 2020 and especially when you dedicate yourself to giving your ALL to your clients).  You can’t really make plans with family and friends, because your calendar is always spoken for year(s) in advance. It’s so much more than ‘just taking photos’ and the entire process from consulting to delivering a gallery can often be demanding + time consuming, even though its joyous at the same time. You murder your body the day of a wedding, and you murder your mind with comparison and the self-inflicting pressure to always be better and faster than the year before.  Let me say this again, there is SO MANY GOOD THINGS ABOUT BEING A WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER, but it’s not a sustainable career UNLESS you have help and help is what I’m getting in 2021.

While I’m proud of the work I’ve put in over the past nine years, I’m ready to give up a bit of ‘control’ in my business and let go of tasks that no longer need to be done by me.  Even though I’ve streamlined running my business with efficient and effective workflows, I still spend too many hours doing a task that I’m ready to part ways with, editing.  In 2021, I’m officially retiring from editing and allowing a company that I’m so excited about to take that task out of my hands so I can focus on other tasks to help grow and expand my business.   What does this mean for my clients? Well, nothing!  My editing style will remain the exact same as it is now as well as the timeline you can expect to get your photographs back.  Ideally this change is simply a personal change for me, so I can continue to capture moments in a healthy and balanced way, while being able to expand my business.  Which leads me to my second announcement….

If you know me, you know that becoming an educator in the photography industry has been on my mind for the past five years, but it’s also something I didn’t want to pursue lightly.  You see, the photography industry already has an array of wonderful educators, but it’s also a very crowded space.   I always told myself that if I was going to becoming an educator, I first had to have a clear sense of purpose and direction before pursuing it.  I’ve never been one to just jump off the cliff and figure it out on the way down, rather I wanted to take the time to ensure I can offer something different and of value.  I feel in my heart that not only have I found a space I can serve, but that the timing has also finally aligned to the right moment. With all that being said, I’m excited to announce that I’ll be launching my online education shop in early 2021!  In January, I’ll be announcing the launch date of the shop & if you’d like first access + the opportunity to be a beta tester on some of these products and courses, I encourage you to please CLICK HERE to sign up for my VIP Exclusive Shop list.

So I’m sure you’re wondering who will these products and courses be for? And the answer is, there will be a little something for everyone.  From hobbiest, to newbie, to the photographer looking to up level – I’ve created intentional products for different stages, and I’m so excited to be able to serve you in these ways. 

To end, I just wanted to say that I’m so excited for this next phase of my business.  It’s truly been such a long time coming, but I sincerely believe that god’s timing is always perfect.  The future is looking so bright my friends, and I just cannot wait to share with you all that I’ve got planned for this shop! 

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