10 Best Places Online To Find Your Bridesmaid Dresses



Back in the day you’d plan a girls day to go shopping and secure your bridesmaid dresses.  These days, most wind up finding their bridesmaid dresses online. The good thing about this shift? Your options are endless.  With more and more bridesmaid dress companies popping up the scene, you can literally find EXACTLY what you are looking for, that is if you do a little digging.

Lucky for you – I’m going to help make this a little easier and drop ten companies who are I believe are worth your time to check out.

  1. Show Me Your Mumu – The ultimate boho bridesmaid dress that comes in a wide variety of colors and even patterns.  The quality and diversity of these dresses are amazing.  From short to long, to various colors and styles (and now even matching bow ties for the men) Show Me Your MuMu is one of my personal favorites.  Just pick your color at the top bar to see it filtered on each and every dress available.  Price ranging from $75-$198.
  2. BHLDN – If you’re looking for unique, original and endless options of texture, BHLDN has got you covered.  From lace, velvet, satin, silk, chiffon and a whole lot more – you quite literally have endless options at BHLDN.  Pricing ranges from $148-329.
  3. Rent The Runway  What is so rad about rent the runway, is the ability to return the dress right after you’re done wearing it.  Your bridal tribe can say goodbye to sticking another dress in their closet as well as taking the time out of their schedules to sell it.  Pricing for rent the runway ranges from $30-$535.
  4. Azazie – If you’re looking for a wide range of colors, azazie might be the place for you.  They quite literally have dresses in over 72 shades, so if you’re having a hard time finding your color – you might just find it here.  Price ranges from $29-$169.
  5. Birdy Grey – The cool thing about Birdy Grey? They promise $99 for every dress on their website, making it so you never have to question pricing, like ever.  They are also an exclusive bridesmaid dress shop, so you’ll never get lost browsing their website AND they promise delivery in one weeks time!  Price doesn’t range because it’s $99 flat.
  6. Dessy – Unique modern colors, styles and material is what this company is all about.  From pant suit options, to baby bump dresses, to every color imaginable – Dessy is the bridesmaid shop for the modern bride. If you’re looking to really mix and match colors and styles – I highly suggest checking out this company (as well as BHLDN).  Pricing ranges from $103-$418
  7. Evening Collective – Is doing it up like no other bridesmaid company out there.  Not only are ALL their gowns between $99-$159 but they also send you a sample dress so you can check it out before you commit AND they even set you up in a virtual personal showroom – so you can shop TOGETHER with your bridal crew all while getting a visual idea of how the dresses will work together.  As mentioned, pricing ranges from $99-$159.
  8. Lulus – Style is their name and style is their game.  You’re probably familiar with Lulus online clothing store – but did you know they now have a bridesmaid shop too? Mind BLOWN!  From $16.50 to $250.75 you can quite literally find any type of stylish dress you’re dreaming of.
  9. Shop Revelry – If you’re looking for trendy, modern dresses with a hint of diversity – Shop Reverly might just be the perfect fit for you. This Texas based company is big on keeping pricing at bay while giving you all kind options for your bridal crew.  Prices ranging from $75-185
  10. Jenny Yoo – If you’re looking for classic and romantic with a modern twist, hit up Jenny Yoo. Her style (which can also sometimes be found at BHLDN) is always elegant and always timeless. In fact your bridal tribe could most definitely use their dresses at other events in their lives too!  Pricing is between $255-$350.

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10 Best Places Online To Find Your Bridesmaid Dresses


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