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As an English major, a wedding photographer, and a business owner, reading business books are a staple in my routine.  I try to at least check off one or two new books a month (sometimes more with audible) in order to expand my knowledge and grow my business.  Over the years, there have been many books that have radically changed my mindset, perspective, routine, habits, etc. but there are only a handful of books that I revisit every few years because they are THAT good. Today I’m sharing those books with you as I believe they are the top 5 business books every wedding photographer should read.  Enjoy!

Building A Story Brand by Donald Miller  (Marketing/Branding)  Donald Miller’s Building A Story Brand dives into simplifying your brands message all while connecting with your customers by sharing your brands story and building a relationship with them online and in person.  What I personally took away from this book? The real reason customers will make purchases (is your story) – something I believe every business owner needs to understand in order to effectively sell to their target demographic + do it well.  This book is a solid read, and I finished it in less than a week.  If you’ve ever struggled with marketing or honing in on your ‘ideal target client’ this book is a must. 

Start With The Why by Simon Sinek  (Purpose) – Simon Sinek is quite honestly one of my favorite authors because he has a unique way of really digging into the heartbeat of a business.  Start With The Why dives headfirst into why businesses/movements who have a clear purpose behind their mission often have the greatest influence, and how KNOWING why you do what you do will set you apart from the pact instantly.  I actually was gifted this book by a family member when I first started my business and it’s a book I reread every few years since because it is PACKED with so much great information.  If you are just starting out, or are feeling a little lost in your purpose/business right now – pick up this book and get yourself back on track.

Essentialism by Greg McKeown  (Leadership) – A friend of mine recommended this book to me a while back.  I finally took the time to read it last year, and man it is a must read.  If your life is scattered with a mile long list of to-do’s and projects and dreams that equally vie for your attention, and you don’t know what to prioritize, read this book!!!  Greg breaks down the difference between a non-essentialist and an essentialist, attempting to prove through various scenarios (both personal and public) that the essentialist will almost always come out on top because they’ve taken time and space to prioritize what they value most.  Whereas a non-essentialist continually bites-off more than they can chew and is overworked/burned out due to their inability to narrow down their focus.  By doing the hard work and focusing solely on the essential in our lives, we not only lead a more productive life, but are also happier and more respected.  This book will teach you just how to say no, how to classify what is essential and not-essential, and overall lead a life, a business, and a team in a way that allows you to get the most out of life. So if you’re looking to get your life back on track & smash the goals that really matter to you – this book is for you.
Atomic Habits By James Clear  (Self Improvement) – I saw this on a reading list a few months ago, and decided to give this book a spin.  To be honest, while I loved all the other books I’ve read, this one was truly the kick in the pants I needed to start implementing better habits in my life.  James provides you with multiple strategies and tools that you can implement in your own life to form better habits.  Through examples and scientific research he explains why it is that we often fail at the habits we try to form, and what we can do to make those habits stick.  I highly recommend this book to any wedding photographer, as it’s easy to fall into bad practices when you are in the comfort of your own home.

Contagious by Jonah Berger  (Marketing)Jonah Berger deep dives into what makes certain products, ideas and people go viral.  In this book Jonah explores the science behind word-of-mouth and breaks down the six basic principles that cause things to become contagious.  If you’re looking for a way to stand out from the crowd and really make an impact in your field, I highly suggest reading this book!

While these are the top 5 book that I believe every photographer should read, I’ve decided to also include even more influential books that have radically changed my business.

Looking for more of my favorite business tools? Check out the page I’ve made dedicated to help you, my fellow wedding photographer, thrive!


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