Three Benefits of an Engagement Session

As a wedding photographer, I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had clients almost pass on engagement sessions, that is until we get the chance to chat.  After having this talk a few times last year, I realized that there are so many couples who don’t understand the value behind doing an engagement session, so I wanted to take the chance to educate on why they are important and the benefits you reap when booking one.

It’s a Time To Bond & Find Your Photo Chemistry

Engagement sessions are a time for you and your photographer to get a feel for whats ahead. Not only will they get to know you but they’ll also figure out how to photograph you in the most flattering way possible. You see, not every couple photographs the same. Some couples are more quiet and intimate, others more loud and free, while some are a combination of both.  By opting in for an engagement session, you allow your photographer to find, what I like to call, your photo chemistry.  When your photographer learns your photo chemistry prior to the wedding, both parties enter the wedding better prepared for what to expect.  These sessions also allow for you to connect with your photographer personally, so you’ll most definitely be more relaxed around them as well.

It Captures This Point In Your Relationship

I find engagement sessions so important because truthfully – it documents this special time in your relationship.  That milestone between dating and the actual wedding.  The time where you are planning + giddy + excited for all that is to come.  I personally think looking back on these moments is important because it documents you both in a care-free environment, where you are free to just be you.  The engagement period is also typically a small window of time in your relationship, and I believe should be celebrated.

You Can Use The Photos For So Many Things

Canvases or framed prints in your house? Check.  Albums for a guest book? Check.  Save the date Cards? Check.  Images to use at the wedding? Check.  Christmas Cards? Check.  Engagement photographs can be used for so many things, and not just for wedding announcements.

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